Shaunie Bello, Yoga Instructor

RYT-200, R-HYI 95, RPYT 85 

Nearly six years ago I slipped into a deep state of depression after a horrible breakup. The mere thought of having to be a single mother of two children terrified me. I was so angry, hurt, resentful and bitter that I sheltered myself from all of my loved ones because I feared that infamous ‘I told you so’ lecture.  I used to yearn for comfort, safety and love not realizing that my sanity was based on the love that I needed from a person that wasn’t willing to give it to me. I didn’t love myself. I needed to be a better, stronger person for myself, and most importantly for my children.

I soon began to focus my attention on inner/self-love and become my own protector of my space and sanity! This is when yoga came into my life. “I am so thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.” – A quote that I utter daily.  I’ve learned so much about myself by taking up this practice. I am much stronger mentally and emotionally; and more compassionate and understanding. Yoga has undoubtedly taught me to live in the present moment and just…be.”

Influenced by her global travels, ayurvedic studies and profound passion for self-care, her classes are physically demanding yet perfectly meditative. Shauna hones in on high energetic vinyasa flows or deeply meditative yin yoga sequences as a way to move past mental and emotionless barriers.

Certified in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Holy Yoga, and Prenatal, Shaunie is now on a mission to spread love to those who lack acceptance in wellness spaces.