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Hi there! I’m Shaunie Bello, a passionate certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, mother of two, and serial entrepreneur. I created this space as an answer to my students expressing their discomfort in standard yoga studios and classes. New yogi’s would find themselves shying away from the typical packed yoga studio after sending that hour on their mat comparing themselves to the ‘more advanced yogi’ next to them.


I’d find myself telling my students all the time that It’s important to have a connection to your own practice that isn’t influenced by the opinions of others. Sometimes when we only practice in group settings, we lose that connection to self and slip into the the cycle of relying on other people. StudioZEN will allow you to do yoga in a home setting, where you’re able to become comfortable, feel free and be completely open with yourself! So, come on home and flow with us!


Your mind, body & soul.

Familiarize yourself with our studio and course offering by signing up for a complimentary drop-in class now. Is this your first time practicing yoga or maybe this is your first time back in a studio? No problem, all of our classes are open levels and are designed in a way for everyone to follow along and receive the many benefits of yoga, regardless or your age or fitness level.


You will find that each class offers a slightly different type of movement, style, and pace of class. Try them all! I will help show you basic yoga poses to advanced yoga poses, and offer modifications. Don’t be afraid to ASK, I’m here to help make your yoga practice a fun, memorable experience!

The Benefits of Yoga

Harness the benefits of connecting your body and mind through the physical and meditative practice of yoga.

  • Learn breathing techniques and ways to deal with stress

  • Gain functional mobility and flexibility

  • Build strength and stabilization throughout the entire body

  • Increase focus and mental clarity through meditation

  • Detox and release physical tension in a heated class

  • Be part of a community and learn from others